Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's alright, I'm not MiA...

...I've just been too busy to focus, nevermind blog anything! Over a month has come and gone, and so much has happened in that time. Red carpet premieres, one on one Q & A's with writers/actors/directors, another handful of WHLA?'s, a short stint of free time bouldering in the mountains without cell/internet/etc. for spring break, and now, LA fashion week. It's crazy to actually be at fashion week. When I was a little kid, I used to sit glued to the TV for any and all of the fashion shows that I could catch on E!. (I was also very deft with the remote, changing the channel to Disney if my mom walked through the room- I was six or seven and not allowed to watch underweight girls in skimpy apparel- I think she feared an image complex or something.) I would watch, and draw, and dream. Never ever ever did I actually imagine that one day I would be at these shows, flagging down celebs on the red carpet, chatting it up with other media outlets, and then watching, second row from the runway, jam packed gift bag in one hand and free drink in the other, five seats away from every socialite in LA and wondering how I got there. Never! But it's been amazing, and we've only done one day so far. I've gotten to talk to/interview people I've watched in the spotlight for years: (sorry to date them, but to name just a few) Robert Verdi, Tara Reid, Janice Dickinson, Elisha Cuthbert, Jenna Jameson, a good handful of successful designers including Christian Audigier (Ed Hardy), and of course, Paris Hilton (who I also got to see walk the runway- I've watched her do this, the first thing she was famous for and what she was best at, since she was 12.) Why am I recapping? Because I thought it would be fun... and because sitting here writing this it still seems unbelievable. It's not like I'm starstruck- I don't really get that way when I'm working- but when you actually take a second to breathe and think about it it's like, holy #&*@, I've got the coolest f'ing job in the world. Back to the grindstone- this week'll be a busy one. Now to just finish these last months of school... argh.

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