Thursday, April 19, 2007

Am I A Lameboat? (This Soapbox Floats Away...)

Every Thursday night it's the same thing: me, a bottle of champagne, a bucket of chicken, and 70s TV shows on DVD. While everyone else is out partying, I'm at home on my couch watching something that was made over thirty years ago because frankly, there's nothing better on. The fact that I only enjoy the occasional party and not a weekly ritual aside, this pattern potentially indicates two things: one, that I really love chicken and champagne, and two, that good old fashioned entertaining TV is no longer being made. I mean, I'm from a technologically inclined generation, and I'm enjoying something with zero special effects and a laugh track! (Lucky for me Season 4 of Mary Tyler Moore is coming in the mail next week or I'd be on my sofa watching whatever crap is on these days.)

Whenever celebrities or other people who work in entertainment are interviewed on what they do for fun, a lot of times they say they just like to stay home, wear sweatpants, and watch TV. Well, the more I get deeper into this industry, the more I find this to be completely true. When you work non-stop, the last thing on your mind is doing anything that requires you to exert any amount of energy. This is the quintessential definition of couch potato. That's all I ever want be anymore when I'm not working! Does this mean I'm lame? That I've given up on some sort of potential that I may inherently possess to go out, get piss-drunk, and come home with a fistful of phone numbers? I sure hope not.

As I sit here, blogging and watching the last episode of season 3, I have no problem with what I'm doing every Thursday. (I mean, I must not, or I wouldn't be doing it.) I do still have a problem with bad TV, but when I figure out how to fix that, I'll let you know. And maybe one day, I'll go out and do something different. But why not be content with being content for now? Even if I am a lameboat, at least I'm still sailing... hahaha. ehhhhhhh.

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johnny brower said...

what's wrong with the office??
it comes on thursdays. i think it's brilliance. and 30Rock for that matter. tracy morgan? alec baldwin? greatness!