Monday, May 21, 2007

The Storm Before The Calm

I thought graduating was it. The tough part was over. Finals, papers, it was all done. But oh no, how easy that all was. The hard part is now.

I sit filling out applications, driving a hundred miles a day for different auditions, having people tell me they love me and I'm perfect for the job, and then... nothing. "What's Happening" is on hiatus (email the people over at LA36 and tell them you want it back please!) and aside from the odd modeling job I've got to find something else to do. A dozen applications a night, not going out for fun at all, and dealing with loan consolidations and working on free projects... it'll all pay off, right?

Don't get me wrong- I've got better leads than most people. I'm just scared shitless of the future. Freaking excited too, but scared. Don't know why I'm putting this all out there. I think maybe someday soon I'll look back and say, 'see, it was all okay'. But as of now, I have no idea... only hope. Wish me luck and let me know if you hear of any hosting jobs to keep my fish fed and my rent payed! :-)

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