Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Reel Post

A lot of people like to call me an idealist. I don't think they mean it in the nicest sense- in fact, I'm pretty sure they mean it in the most you-are-hallucinating-your-face-off-girl sense you can think of. No seriously, get this- I am told day in, day out, that jobs like I want don't exist. Moreover, jobs like I want CAN'T exist. But I don't believe that's true. Allow me to introduce myself. By professional terms, I am a television host- an "on camera personality", if you will. By my terms, I am a writer, producer, even editor as well. By industry terms, this combination doesn't happen. You can be the brains behind the operation. You can be the face in front of it. But you can't be both. Especially if you're a woman heading up the work. But who says so, I ask? Barbara Walters seems to be doing a fine and dandy job- on the other end of the spectrum, Heidi Klum has executive producer credits for multiple shows and has only been in TV as long as I have! So here I am now, chugging along, waiting for someone to realize they've really got a package deal here and maybe they want to pay me more than $8 an hour for it too.
This semester there are 3 projects that I am really focused on. The first is a continuation from last semester called "What's Happening L.A.?", a weekly promotional spot that I do for Trojan Vision Television (USC's TV8) in conjunction with local channel LA36 highlighting what's going on in and around Los Angeles. Hopefully some of those will be posted to the internet soon so you can check them out, and the shooting schedule will be worked out so that I'm not writing, shooting, and editing all in one day (although there is a real sense of accomplishment knowing you can put together a package like that almost by yourself in less than 8 hours).
The second project is for Trojan Vision as well, as fashion correspondent for a Hollywood News show called "Take 5". We'll be wandering the red carpets in search of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and hopefully visiting some of the local LA designers that I have become friends with over the last few years.
And finally, I am editing a documentary style video for a bike race I covered this summer with one of my friends called "Race Across America", which should air on TV8, LA36, OSTN, and the Research Channel by the end of the semester. The race itself was over 2,000 miles, from Oceanside, CA to Atlantic City, NJ, and was quite a trip at 20 mph behind bikes. The link to the album is here:
I also have other documentary projects in the works, and as usual, am still heading up the promotions department for all of the shows on TV8 and for the station itself. Looks like it'll be a busy semester, but I love it, and will try to keep you posted!


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