Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Real Pilot!

After busting my tail at interviews and auditions for the last few weeks, I am excited to announce that I have landed my first real (outside of TV8/LA36) pilot! I will be co-hosting a new home and garden show with an eco-centric "green" viewpoint as the resident gardener/interior decorator. This means remodeling with earth friendly, local, and recycled materials for TV. I am super stoked at this opportunity- the show is only in its pilot phase, and has not been picked up by a network, but will be pitched to something like HGTV/DIY/TLC in the next few weeks. I have to go to bed now, but I'll keep everyone posted- we're location scouting tomorrow and shooting the pilot/pitch this weekend. (Just goes to show that working non-stop eventually pays off... it's just funny to think that as a host, you're a professional auditioner and only talent after the first season, if not later than that. Haha.)

Alright, short and sweet but that's really all for now- I can't think straight enough at this hour to write coherently!

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johnny brower said...

holy crap! that's really exciting v. keep us posted (blog pun totally intended)!